Final walk-through

Before closing on an existing property, you can have a final walk-through. The purpose of a walk-through is to Home Inspection - RiteWayassure that the condition of the house has not materially changed since the sale offer was accepted. You can see if all repairs and changes required in the sale agreement have been completed; if not, speak with your real estate broker or attorney.

New home final walk-through

The builder’s representative will walk through the home with you and check off items that need repair or completion (a punch list). Keep your own list, compare notes at the end of the walk-through, make sure all items are on the punch list and get a copy of the punch list for yourself.
Sometimes work for new homes can’t be done before closing because of bad weather and other factors. In such cases, money earmarked for completion can be placed in an escrow account. If the work is not done in a certain timeframe, money from the escrow account can be used to complete the job. Speak with your attorney or real estate broker to learn more.

Note: Be sure you have enough time for a thorough walk-through and that all utilities are turned on during your walk-through.

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